A bit about Girlfriends

Girlfriends can be your friend and they can be your worst enemy.

Mine usually fall under the latter.

What I once thought of as advice, now seems more adverse in commentary.

Take for instance Cinderella.

I haven't really had much contact with her in a very long time. We hooked back up after a decade of hiatus on facebook and her antics are still the same.


Have you not matured or changed direction in your friendly advice after all this time?

I post pics of my new beau, of who she knows nothing about, and she simply posts, "You can do better."


How could I possibly do better than a man that really cares for me beyond the simple fact that I am arm candy on his side.

I have been there and done that more than a few, and quite frankly, I was left in the dust when it really counted. This guy 'whom I could do better' would never leave me stranded at the beach without calling someone ASAP to get me out of the sand.

This man, 'whom I could do better' would never, not give me a gift on my birthday because I expected one. As a matter of fact, he would go out of his way to give me a gift, even if no special day occurred.

He would do it simply because he really wants to see me happy.

What kind of friend tells me, I could do better when she has no idea of the plethora of arse I have been susceptible to in the past?

She sees a pic of a handsome man on facebook with me and she reverts to the time we were in high school together.

Always finding fault with someone I really want.

Knowing she doesn't like him, means I am on the right track to being with the man I really should be with.

Thank you for all your advice but this time, I am flying solo.

And when I fly solo, I am always on the right path.

I just didn't realize it until now!!

The Blonde is steering clear of friendly advice!

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