Aloha Hawaii

AloNo I can't go!!

I and the Commodore were planning our next trip together and I was all set for Hawaii until the dates changed and I had to do the responsible thing and turn down the trip.

I have an exam in french and there are no re-takes on the darn thing.

I guess this is where I begin to think why bother with a long distance relationship. You hardly see the person and they are wide open to find other woman to fill the absence.

Woman that have a nice bank roll either from working or from a nice divorce settlement who have the time to take off for such fun eventures will eventually get my spot.

Me, I am a struggling non-traditional pre-law student without a Gucci handbag to cry into.

If things work out with the Commodore, great..if they don't..well, let's just say, that I am very used to the 'fizzle out' theory in long distance dating.On the bright side; I do have a Louis Vuitton global shopper I found at the pawn shop to carry my woes in for awhile.

But that too will eventually find its way on Ebay to keep my monthly bills paid.

I guess I am throwing this little pity party lately because I spent way too much time looking at the meager efforts of online dating. I have passed the age of popular searches from the penis packing club, no matter how old they are and its just not a sort way to see the reality of the dating world accurately.

I really think the bar scene is coming back for the whole reason that ageism and gold digging have supplied the dating sites with negativity.

I took my profile down awhile ago and have sunk into the belief that its just going to be me from now on.

Its alright; I am looking at the blonde side.

Eventually I will be a lawyer and will have all I need to carry on a lifestyle with some pups hovering around the cougar den!!

I am too old to where a wedding dress anyway!!

Well. back to studying!!

The Blonde says helo-ha backwards!!

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