The Ups and Downs of 69

I am not one to blab about the boudoire or what happens inside other than a bit of generality and I am not about to start.

I do, however, do like to get in creative debates during happy hour with friends and since politics and religion is taboo and absolute no fun...sex is the next best thing.

We settled on the topic of karma sutra and how do crazy positions, while spice thing up, and keeps the bed from a bore fest, ultimately is just plain stupid.

At least that was my argument.

How the he--double hockey sticks do you concentrate on one end while the other end is being worked on.

It can't be done to equal satisfaction, something has to give.

If anyone is screaming for pleasure they certainly aren't working the sucking vortex you need to make the other one moan.

I just think there are better ways of using positions, like moving your arse to a hot tub, shower, or outside under the moon.

There are 72 positions in the karma sutra and this is only one.

I hold my tongue until I try the rest.

That's the Blondes position on things!!

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