The Pretty Cookies

...are not for me!!


Treated like the unwanted stepchild left over from a second marriage, I was told to eat only the horribly disfigured mutant cookies.

It would be one thing if the cookies were for guests or for presents but nope, they are just there to look pretty in the cookie jar.

Eventually the cookie jar will disappear as my Mother systematically tries to hide the pretty cookies still assuming we fall for her holiday scams.

When asked where the pretty cookies went...she will simply say that they are for freinds and she needs to pack them and mail them.

Of course the undisclosed location is for their safety...right!!

The pretty cookies will never get mailed.

They will however show up in cars and bedrooms as little crumbs of there former cookie self.

I am so used to the Christmas scam that I didn't even blink an eye when I asked for a gingerbread house which disappeared right after she gave me a laundry list of fake people she is giving them too.

I have know idea where the ginger houses disappeared too but seeing as they will be difficult for Mo' to consume the entire gingerbread hood before spring....

...the ant trail will eventually clue me in after the turn of the New Year!!

The Blonde is keeping with tradition!!

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