Playing in Urban

I have been living it up urban style with my new out -of -town beau in a hotel suite downtown this week. Ughhh!!

Not the beau!

...the hotel thing in your home town isn't quite as posh as living it up in another town. Not to mention, I did a crap pack job and was too lazy to drive the distance to el casa to refill my wardrobe.

I forgot saline solution, toothpaste, hairspray, curling iron and panties.

I was working in third world fashion and makeup mode.

I could have gone the 8 mile distance to get the stuff I forgot but I never made it past happy hour.

Neither did my car!

I crashed the side into a wall for the second time this month. The first time I was being bullied by a prick in an SUV coming out of the narrow garage opening and I tried nice - inched over too far and scraped the bee jee bees out of my vehicle.

Nice ended the moment I felt the scraping and before douche could blink - my window was down and douche came rushing out of my curled up lips faster than the Stig can stear a Ferarri FXX around a lap.

After all his car shoving you think he would have stood his ground but instead he backed up an dwent the other way.

Was that so hard?

Couldn't he have done it before I wrecked the side of my vanden plas?

The second time might have been one of those incidences where wine may or may not have been involved. I am not confessing to anything especially since the car slots at the boutique hotel were meant for skinny asian spinner cars and not my luxury sedan.

Trying to park my car downtown when I am used to parking in suburban sprawl is like putting a sweater on my cat.

Its hard and you end up getting scratched up!!

Anyhoo, I totally have a story on 69 but I am trying to spread the blog wealth so check back in a few.

The Blonde is back in her element!!

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