Regulations Regarding PDA

Having come into my own during the decade of preppy, I believe in restraint and reserve public displays of affection for only those men I am fully committed to.

I do not like being walked to my car so I can be mauled by a man I just met for a first date.

What is with men?

Are there no gentlemen?

Where the heck are the manners for men 50 and below. They are severely in need ettiquette school.

The worst ones are the ex-football pleyers who think they are still in high school and expect to get lucky with the ladies. Seriously dude, you own a carpet store and lost half you hair.

The glory days are over for you.

So be polite and treat a girl with some respect.

As usual I only gripe about the really bad dates. I have had many dates with very nice gentlemen who are sweet and know some old fashion rules that I like to live by.

And thus they are spared my blog posting. I like protecting the inoccent and calling out the not so ones.

I know when I want someone and I being the femme part of the equation I get to go first and I will let it be known.

Its called communicating with flirtation.

If you don't see at the dinner table, don't expect it near a car.

If you missed the slight flirt, you get the second chance of knowing by my leaning toward you to give you a kiss goodnight on the cheek and if I grant another date, than its safe to say, I am wanting that kiss.

On occassion, if I really like someone all those rules disappear in a haze of romantic bliss.

For the rest of you fools...Do not follow a girl to her car unless you are seriously looking out for her well being and not trying to get lucky in a parking lot.


The Blonde is laying down some law!!

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