Marriage Minded

So I never got the on your knees, ring in hand, promise to always love you kind of thing.

So I aspire to have it.

And why wouldn't I?

We all aspire to have more title, more respect, more affirmation in life.

When you have never been properly asked to be married, you have to wonder...what is wrong with me?

What have I not done to succeed in my personal life?

I realize I am a late bloomer and now after all the shadows of my past are not worthy to tangle with me in a boxing ring, I want what I should have had long ago.

I want a husband.

I have been dating so long, single so long..there isn't anyone who can get past my bulls**t meter.

They all tell you what you want to hear up front, but come a few months down the road and they get comfortable...things slip and if you in tune, you notice and listen and you leave.

Don't waste time.

Keep dating until someone puts a ring on your finger.

Money talks and the rest walks away leaving something really great behind.

I am not spending my life comforting lonely fools who think they found a comfort patsy.

They need to hit younger and a little mo' blonde than me.

The Blonde wants the ring around the finger!!

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