Butting Blonde with a Liberal

So I have gone out a few times with 'the liberal' and every once in awhile we will not see eye to eye on some form of politics. I being a laisse-faire more conservative participant to politics; my liberal is a leftist to the umpth degree and gets his pants all bunched up if I say something he drastically does not approve of.

I am usually half-hearted or say things that are for shock value just to see his face get squirmy and his eyes do this little bulge thing.


Blonde head butt to the left.


Crap, I got hit by liberalist attitude.

I usually quickly recover and find it a most excellent moment to keep my mouth mumz.

Mumz the word when it comes to politics, especially after a few drinks and passion arises a bit more in me than usual.

The liberal, however, probably keeps the same passion about his politics with or without said libations.

I never get offended by anyone's opinion and I won't strongly argue against it since I really do not take that much of a vested interest in regards to politics. I know enough to know what I like and don't like.

Sort of like wine.

I only get offended when the liberal says things to me like,

"You would look really great in a sari."

"You will love India."

love India?

India is not on my holiday agenda. Sari!!

Why that offends me I have no idea. maybe its because women who wear saris usually are under a subordinate role playing game in the traditional sense.

The Blonde is hardly a substitute for an obliging woman when her fashion sense is attacked by such a small statement.

Ah screaming liberals...you have to hate them.

I do like conservative democrats. But I digress sometimes.

The Blonde is a capitalist with dreams of Monte Carlo...wearing Prada!!

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