My Fish Is Gone

We bought new fish for the pond and one in particular seemed to be an old soul that I knew. It would come to me every time I went outside and let me pet it.

Today, it was gone.


And I can't help but think what soul came by to revisit me?

And why did it have to leave so suddenly?

I guess nature is that way. And if we are smart enough to view it in its proper form, we get so much out of such an insignificant creature in such little amount of time.

I knew from the beginning that fish would not be with me long. I knew it but still a little bit of shock and sadness runs through me today.

I thought I would have just a bit longer with it.

I hoped it would stay even though deep down it would go soon.

Funny how things are, don't you think?

A brief encounter with a fish leaves an empty spot in my soul and I am still glad I got the chance to love it just a little bit.

I just wish I loved it more in the short time I had.

Its poetic considering the things that have happened around me lately.

Goodbye my sweet fish.

Good night my sweet soul, wherever and whom ever you may be.

I am alright if that's what you were wondering.

The Blonde still remains true to her nature!!

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