The Full Moon?

Is it a glitch or is it evil at its bewitching hour?

Thrice I have tried to post this blog and thrice it went blank.

After pouring my heart and soul into the matter three times before, I have only this to offer.

A freak in an early 90s model red Chevy truck stalked my arse as I jogged the main street in my hood enough to make me duck in hedges and wait out his drive by's. I finally got home and was so disturbed by the freak that I called the PD.

I am used to some brake and flirt when I run on the road  but this was beyond harmless play. This dude waited in side streets while traffic chilled and than he bolted toward me.

If I see this truck again, he is the one who will need to run!!

The Blonde is shaken but not deterred!!

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