People Have Been Super Nice

to me lately. It makes me wonder what is up.

While I ponder why so many are nice to me this week, I do not have any pondering needed to understand why so many BP execs are receiving mass amounts of environmental fanatics hate mail at this moment.

Because they deserve it!!

I have been twittering some hater tweets myself.

My panties are more than in a ruffled bunch over this disaster that could have been spared had someone not been stingy with safety.

Now, I see they are floating a full page ad in the Statesman to persuade me off my hate.

Not going to happen you douche bags!!

Let's pick the little puppy ad apart and shoot some rebuttal:

I didn't have the stomach to choke down the bull and copy it to my blog so the following is just my take on the BP ad:

We will get it Done. We will make it right.


You will get it done but you will never make it right.

You were never prepared.

Contain and collect the leak but no mention of stopping it. Hmmm....

You brag that you have organized the largest environmental response but you fail to mention the obvious. You created the need for it.

When oil reaches the shore it will be too late.

If wildlife is affected. I hate to tell you but 450 brown pelicans have already died you douches.

Your dedicating $500 million to watch over the environment long-term. Your the last assholes anyone wants watching our marine life and shoreline.

You say efforts wont cost taxpayers but fisherman that are taxpayers will brunt the cost of dead marine life.

And no worries on not letting this happen again. Our criminal justice system has your back on that promise!!


The Blonde is hating!!

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