Driving to Dallas

or anywhere else for a man beyond my 8 mile preferred radius causes a few of my blonde follicles to cringe a bit.

It has been 3 months and more than enough commuting in my car to see my steady.
I have logged over 4,000 miles to see this man and I'm worried it will bite me in the bum, down the road some day.

I have to think of the car before the man.

My car is old and although solid as a rock, I worry about the accumulated mileage. All I can think of at this moment is what happens after 6 months and thousands of miles later and the whole relationship goes south. I am left with my car and a huge reminder on the dashboard telling me what an idiot I was for sacrificing my vehicles well being for this.

Not to mention the wear and tear on my wheels.

For the moment, its worth it. The guy is great and very accommodating. He is putting in his half as well. Unfortunately my half is part of a lot less than the part his half comes out of.

I am really considering what is in my best interest right now and whether I personally can afford a long distance relationship while going to school and on a tight budget.

After all, its so much less expensive replacing a man than it is an automobile.

On the other hand, finding a great relationship is priceless.

The Blonde is steering herself toward love!

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