Neighborly Not

My neighbor sent my cat to the pound.

I do not know the offense my cat committed but the punishment does not fit the crime.

If my cat was a nuisance than he should have let me know and I would have aided him with a water gun, after a few hits to my cat, would have persuaded him away from the property indefinitely.

But I had know such warning that my cat was a pain to this man, after 2 years of my cat's existence in this neighborhood. It never occurred to me to look in the shelter.

My cat spent five days in the shelter contracting a respiratory illness that is now life threatening.

And for what?!!

What did he do?!!

Is it because my cat is black?

I am force feeding my furry feline lover with a dropper just to keep him alive.

I hate mean people and unfortunately they surround our every peaceful existence and wittingly hurt something weaker than themselves because they are impotent and small and unhappy with the skin life gave them.

I have had some rough times myself but I never go after an innocent party that is unable to defend themselves against the tyranny of passive aggressive behavior.

Shame on you, you rotten human being.

Mr. Vic Yones of Austin, TX.

You cruel and ugly man!!!

The Blonde is wishing for karmic retribution on you!!

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