Holy Cow Its Been An Uber Long Time

since I published to my blog.

As Martha would say, "That's a very good thing."

I haven't had much to vent about lately. Life is pretty smooth in the love department.

I have a new beau. Actually he is a redo from a few years ago.

Timing is everything when it comes to two people of the opposite gender coming together to form a symbiotic happiness.

What happened a few years ago in my memory is one thing and in his memory another. Its something that shouldn't be dwelled upon. For whatever reason, it is working this time and its best not to question it.

Let the chips fall where they may.

In the end, it will either last or it won't.

I just want to enjoy the ride without any predisposed notions of how long it will be before the ticket runs out and the ferris wheel operator, spinning our love life, decides we need to get off.

If I had a gun to my head and someone demanded an answer as to why it is working this time, I would have to say it is because I am willing to do whatever it takes to stay in a committed relationship. I am scared straight when it comes to dating and I am revamping my attitude toward being with this one person.

But in this pursuit to be a half of a whole, I have to wonder? Am I not biting off more of the glass slipper than I can chew without getting cut into a mold that someone else wants me to be.

But when that other half sees me at my best and all he wants is that I continue on the path of being this great person, the glass slipper becomes less of a jagged edge sword, ready to cut on the next trip down, and more of a comfortable fit that will guide my steps into a better world.

A better life.

One that has been waiting for me all this time.

The Prince didn't fall in love with the Cinderella in plain clothes and holding a mop.

The Prince fell in love with the Cinderella that found the courage to be more than what life was telling her she could be.

And so I, like Cinda sista, stopped hiding behind the excuse of a step-sister world and I walked away from mopping up a mess. I stripped myself from the tattered fibers that were holding my life together with an inch of thread and I fabricated myself a new vision out of silk, satin, and ribbons that can support the weight of my new achievements.

And now, the Blonde is ready to dance at the ball!!

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