God Answered This One

I do believe in God!

He doesn't always answers my prayers but he does answer some.

Today, I have to thank him for answering this one tiny thing.

I sat and asked, almost begged, that he help me find my cat.

After praying I went about finding my cat.

God can throw you an oar but you have to steer the boat.

I posted a picture of Peppy on craigslist and within an hour, people were emailing me that they saw him at the animal shelter. I went to the animal shelter sight and their was a picture of my little guy. He had been their for 5 days.

I thought the worse and hoped for the best.

And I got the hope part of it!!

I lost a cat once before and I begged and prayed and still God did not answer and to this day, I pray that my beloved Mavvie is with a good home. I dare not think of anything else.

I think about the parents that have missing children and how awful a feeling it must be.

Every waking hour spent thinking the best when in reality the worst must be.

And knowing God can't answer every prayer.

I am humbled by this experience and I have much joy but I have sadness for those that are still missing.

The Blonde will pray for the best!!

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