The Cover doesn't fit the Novel

As I was leaving my driveway tonight to meet a friend for a drink, a shiny black hummer drove by. I didn't think anything about it until he pulled out of the neighborhood at the other entrance and was in front of me. Another car pulled in between us at another stop up the road and he pulled to the side.

I did take notice that time but I thought to myself, "This dude isn't seeing the whole story. He is just looking at the cover and unfortunately for him it will end up being a bogus advertisement."

I just pulled on past him and let it go.

I am not the picture in his head and if I had stopped for him, he would eventually learn that the book was different from its cover.

I juggle between thinking it is flattery on his part and cruelty on God's part.

At a certain age, I put the fantasy aside for self preservation.

I am reality based these days and I don't falter or bend at the knees in hopes of finding my soul mate or true love.

I find comfort in knowing that I just need to find a reliable relationship with mutual affection.

The problem with fantasy is that you will always look for it, never find it, and end up alone in search of the myth.

At a certain point in life, we all have to become real.

Butterflies and beating hearts are all but a memory inked on the back of our high school notebooks.

Who after the age of 20 even doodle anymore?

Doodling and falling head over heels in love are best left to the next generation.

Generation X is too grown up for me and I am too far behind to catch up.

So to the Hummer I say, "No thanks for the flirt."

The Blonde book cover is fiction!!

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