Under Control

Now that I have my man situation under control, I have nothing else to say about the matter. So it seems we are back to the blonde bitch fest this blog has been known for in the past.

My first bitch of the month, now that the weather has been fair to fab, is the inability of fat people and dog walkers to stay to the right of the hike and bike trails.

While I commend healthy walking habits, I have to give the bigger girls a failing grade for having to bring two of their chubby comrades to join them in the walk and leaving about six inches to the left to circumvent my bike around them.

On top of that I am dealing with double dog walkers who leave the leash loose enough for the dog to get caught up in my bike spokes if I dare continue my ride at regular speed. I spend most of my time at a snail pace just to get by without taking a nose dive.

I am thinking about buying some magic markers and poster board and put a few signs that remind the hefty crew and the doggie duds to keep to their side for other serious runners and biker's safe passage.

Why I am at it, a few signs reminding the pooch set to carry their ziploc doggie waste bags, would be another positive way of telling people to have some f--g manners.

One girl on a bike had the right idea.

She had a bell.

It was a pleasant way of saying, "Get the f-- out of my way!"

I am going to have to get me a bell.

Only my bell will have a little more oomph in the meaning.

I am thinking of an air horn for my bell.

Blondes on a bike may not have the right of way but we should.

The Blonde likes it when everyone is right!!

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