Stupid People Suck

I want it on a big bumper sticker so the next time I drive through a Sears drive-in battery replacement center...the men that work there will see it albiet get the correlation because they are STUPID!!

Seriously, I went to get a battery replaced and I went inside with the battery sans the car...the Saab wouldn't fit through the door.


Stupid sears salesman who is not a mechanic and has no common sense couldn't just look at the battery I just handed to him to replace it with one just like it. He insisted he needed to know the make of the car. I said "No you don't".

He said 'the system will have to tell me'.

I said, "You can't just look at the battery and give me a new one the same size and with the same post placements".

"The system has to tell me".

I said "But don't you have another system, one where you can look at the battery and turn around and look at the wall of batteries behind you and find an identical?"

"No Ma'am".

I and my old battery left on principle. The problem with giving them the make of a foreign car, it inevitably brings up the most expensive battery and nay lists a cheaper alternative. If you go to Wal-Mart they will look in the system and tell you they don't have a battery for SAAB or Jaguar.

Its not in their system.

But the batteries are on the shelves behind their stupidness.

We went to O'Reilly's. They use the old fashion 'system' of knowing what they are doing.

I had a 'system' argument once before at a Home Depot. I went to buy two french doors at 219$ a piece but the register rang it up as $2.19. I said there must be a mistake and the guy at the register and his manager looked at the doors and then looked at the receipt and simply, stupidly said "Nope, if its in the system , it has to be right"

The Blonde won't argue with stupidity!!

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