I Am Pleased with the Anti Christ

Its almost too hysterical that some people believe Obama to be the Anti Christ but in the bible belt... they do. Well, if social reform, helping people get proper health care, cutting out the middle man, and making an higher education affordable, than sign me up on the wrong side of the cross.

Bring down the wall of old and bring in a wave of new ideas. A Utopian society, we will never achieve. People are simply not taught that helping the whole, actually helps the individual.

What is so wrong with helping the little guy?

I am a little guy and I am not so bad.

I am uninsured but no one pays my medical bills. I do. And I have a hard time paying triple the amount to let a few others piggy back off of me. So if I can share the load with my neighbor, and he with me, why not?

We all are already paying for those who don't pay and that includes the insurance companies that wiggle out of paying off medical debt that they rightfully should pay on behalf of an individual's policy.

Socialist health care is not an evil set to destroy the masses.

Its just a tiny step toward humanity.

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