Bye Bye Bottle Baby

I used to enjoy a bottle of wine every Friday. I no longer do that. I prefer maybe one glass of wine and that is it. I guess I am just super tired of it. After all, its been a few years of nursing my wine through an evening alone at home.

It was an old habit, leftover from a former boyfriend, and it was time to break it.

After going on date after date where the men just drank until the barrel ran dry, I looked at myself and thought....I don;t want to be like that. Nor do I want to be with someone who is like that. Not that they were bad people but drinking like there is no tomorrow is better left to the Spring Break crowd.

Along with not drinking comes the loss of my Nat Sherman habit as well. I rarely smoke these days and my lungs appreciate the cleaner air they enjoy. I will still enjoy the occasional puff filled fabulousness but it doesn't quite taste the same as when accompanied by a glass of vino.

In the end, life changes aren't so hard. Its as simple as saying....I have had enough and I am not going to take it anymore. Once small changes are made, larger ones begin and for the better.

I am at the preverbal turning point in my blonde bubble. Not to say it could burst and rain on my parade but for now...I am dancing to a new tune and I love it.

The Blonde is only sippy cup away from being her best!!

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