Viva La Francais Etudie

I almost do not know what to do with myself now that I have a break from studies. I just finished my french test and other than screwing up on the exception to the rules of conjugations, I did well.

Hopefully the extra credit for drawing my cat will take care of my conjugation mishap.

Of course that mishap isn't half as stupid as handing over a Jackson yet to another hideous dating site.
Playing around on facebook, I thought the Zoosk ( I guess zooks was taken) app was free so I profiled myself again.

Big mistake.

Its scarier than a myspace dating site.

I should have known better to meet someone for sushi who in the first few minutes of phone conversation gave a life history of drugs, rehab, and divorce from a Tabasco heir.

Every true southerner knows Lousiana Gold is the pepper sauce to go with.


I am thinking about revisiting some ex's instead of looking for new love. The great thing about them, is that I already know their inner freak. I experienced their flaws and to tell you the truth, I think I can live with most of them....

If I really try!

Let's see...

Who would be on my list:

The most perfect boyfriend, EVER, but married.

The media heir with his prescription pill filled drawers.

The avante garde traveler with bi-coastal pads but no home.

The musician in a band with a slight cocaine problem.

The viagra addicted southern charmer.

For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health...

Its such a big decision.

I might need Bob Barker's spinning wheel for a fun filled decision breaker.

I do have one more option.

A Maryland man with some crazy notion that we might work out.

At least I haven't met him yet. There is still hope.

The Blonde is an educated idiot!

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