Time to Renew

My timing is off and apparently not just by way of men. I keep thinking it friday, although its only Thursday. I guess finishing my work early to prepare for my New York trip has my internal clock screwed up.

Unfortunately for Raine, he is not someone who likes to spoil women and I am too spoiled to be treated half heartedly as a friend. If I want a man around, I will date him and be treated like a Princess. Raine likes calling his friends because he can super budget his way into a booty call.

But not with the Blond he can't.

Every time I have visited him, I came home thinking what an ass he is. He rushes me in and than shoves me out the door. Half the day he is emailing other women from online dating services. I swear he had a date on the day I was leaving last time. He was so quick to get rid of me he made me walk with him down the block strolling my Hartman luggage behind and shoved me in a cab with no leg room for the 30 minute ride to the airport.

He also made me miss my plane and expected me to change airports to catch a flight in order to keep me from coming back into the city.


A few months down the time line he emails me to see if I want to come up. After the last time...I never want to go up. I only decided to go this time because I needed to get away and over Hubbell. But in the end, I would feel worse if I went to New York and let Raine get away with not treating me special.

I am tired of letting him slide on certain things I find important just because I am labelled his friend. He has lots of ladies labelled friends.

Its how he gets away with sleeping around and never committing to anyone and sparing his tight pocket from shelling out for , shall we be nice and say, a courtesan?

I don't want to sleep with him and the last time I visited, he made me feel like I should. And now every time I try to go visit him, that feeling of him trying to ease his way into my pants gets my goat and I bail at the last minute.

I f I am not in a committed relationship, I don't sleep with you...bottom line!!

That is the problem with 'friends' that started off as potential boyfriend material. Once you sleep with someone and it no longer works out, you really just have to walk away.

I am a firm believer that you truly can not revert it back into a friend situation without someone being taken advantage of.

Maybe he can but I don't want to.

I don't have to.

If I want to see New York, I will go online and find a new boyfriend that will treat me like a Queen and live the romance of Manhattan like it was meant to be. And any man that treats a woman like a Queen will be rewarded in so many numerous ways.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

OK...two seconds in the gutter and than back to the story!

Done picturing dirty deeds?


In the end, I just am not interested in keeping old dates around.

The Blonde is spring cleaning her life!!!

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