SuperBowl Sunday

So its here

Big Deal...the Saints and the Colts...snore!

I am ditching Dallas.

Driving 4 hours to D-town to watch a football game with an ex-boyfriend and his friends is not an option for me any longer.

I love the commercials but thanks to youtube, I can watch them without the game interrupting.

Besides I have two exams this week and issues with my hair. I am debating just chopping my goldie locks off and going Sharon Stone for awhile but than I think if I want to grow it back out, I will have the same issues with what to do with awkward stages of bang growth.

Its all about finding a new attitude.

I can't start a new style with a closet full of old ill fitted wears.

Instead of chopping off my blonde, I did something far less destructive and far more productive.

I cleaned out my baggage.

I deleted every single last email address, phone number, and correspondence from anyone who came off the web.

I have a clean slate for serendipity to play its part at the grocery store, the park, or any where I will be walking along. Anything that doesn't involve the toxic internet dating arena.

I believe its the only true way to finding something beyond portable and disposable.

The Blonde will be playing off the sidelines!!!

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