Sex In The City

Today I sat down to lunch and got caught up in the movie "Sex In The City". I watched the hurdles and triumphs that love creates and endures until finally, in Hollywood fashion, a fairy tale ending closed the film.

Love isn't a fairy tale. I bought into to the Cinderella story like millions of women have but as we grow older and wiser, we put the silly notions of the glass slipper in the back of our closet next to the shoebox of old photos from a time gone by.

I still would like to hope for the fairy tale even when I know it won't be all caviar, castles, and a prince. As long as I get the love part right, I will be happy. Unfortunately the men in my dating arena are past silly Prince Charming antics and look at finding a partner with the same pragmatic style as they do in buying their socks.

I can only speak for myself but I never found love on the internet because love is for the young and fabulously foolish. I started too late. By the time I started to look all the men had already got caught up in a tale that ended unhappily. They pushed their glass loafer further and further into the closet just like everyone else who grows up and doesn't have a free pass to Never, Never Land.

I never got my fairy tale and I hope its not too late.

I personally, am keeping my glass slipper near to my toe.

Someone has the other slipper and if I stop now, who knows who will get my fairy tale.

All I know is love doesn't live in a vacuum and the internet is a terrible succubus of hope for the Cinderella hold outs like me.

Maybe one day I will be walking Central Park in the spring and trip over a dog leash and my handsome Prince will be there to take my hand and we live happily ever after.

And maybe one day, I will push that slipper all the way back in my closet but for now...

The Blonde loves unbelievable romance!

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