Is it a case of VD...

or did I contract something today?


I was happy today. I didn't have a thought of any man in my head.

I put on my old engagement ring, right hand, and just smiled at how pretty it is.

It may seem superficial to admire a sparkly thing but if you knew the story behind it, you would see its not superficial at all. But there are some stories you do not share. I learned that a long time ago and my pretty little ring reminds me of that every time I see it shine and sparkle at me.

I put everything in the past, everything from yesterday back.

Valentine's means so much more to me than Xmas or New Years put together.

Its a holiday that celebrates nothing more than love. It celebrates new love, old love, and the possibility of love. And why, I may seem a bit re-morsed with my Cupids, I do really love it.

Its a celebration of all who have made it through the dark and light and still together.

Its a calling card of hope for those that started to fade on the idea of love.

For nothing more than a few flowers, a bit of chocolate, and a silly card can send a lifetime of sentiment to someone.

On account of Valetine,I was warm and fuzzy and forgetful today.

I forgot my student ID when I went to take my test.

I forgot my scarf when I went home to get my ID.

And I forgot about the last guy I went out with.


I got my ID

I got my scarf

I got an A on my test

and I went shopping for my loved ones.

I dressed up like I was going for a romantic lunch date and I went to the Godiva kiosk for the chocolate. I have to go back tomorrow because I am not the only one who forgets on Valentine. The salesperson forgot to place one of the boxes in my bag.

Even with one less chocolate sentiment, I was still happy and I called and we worked it out for me to pick up my forgotten box of chocolates in the morning.

I went to the card store and it seemed picked over so I went to my local grocery. There I was on the phone with my newly engaged friend and listening to him brag about his Valentine events.

While I listened intently to him, I looked at the stock of cards and they had little to offer.

I left the grocery emtpy handed, smiling, happy to go to another store and then...

and then...

Out of the blue this SUV. I wouldn't have thought about it other than the gold emblem but as I glimpsed and walked on to my car it made some very awkward moves.

The driver seemed to be in a panic.

I do not see why?

Maybe it might have been someone I went out with a few times and was told he wasn't interested. He had found someone else.

Pehaps she was in the SUV with him.

Perhaps he thought I would try to say hello.

Well, I wouldn't have.

A Blonde can only take so much rejection.

I have my pride.

I would have done exactly what I did when I saw him the minute I walked out of the grocery.

I ignored him and went to my car.

For a minute he did put a huge damper on my day.

To think someone would go through all that trouble to avoid me.

Ouch~~~That really hurt.

And on my Happy Valentine Day.

The Blonde isn't a basket case!

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