I am Not 3D

You don't have the special glasses and the insight to see beyond me.

Don't try to see past what you are not supposed to.

I am not an Avatar from Ferngully's new CGI film. You will not get any more in depth than what I write on this blog. This blog is only a canvas and only for the part of me that I am willing to share.

It may seem like I share a lot but I share a far lot less than you get.

I am not brave enough to put all of me on here.

I do let you grab at a glimpse of me if you are an avid fan and know that I post many things that are taken down just a few hours later during the early weekend mornings when I can not sleep.

I have very few of you left these days.

It feels almost like the last song of the dance in high school.

The song is almost over. The dance is about to end...

I am going to leave this gymnasium and wonder who I should have danced with...

And would that dance have changed my course....

And than I think...

My course was set long ago and everything leading up to this moment was only a tease and a branch blocking the road until I found my way into the right path.

Into the life I was meant to have.

It was a lovely dance.

But it must end...

Mr DeMille, the Blonde is ready for her close up!

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