Hubbell Who?

OK...so I am totally over the Hubbell thing. You know, contrary to belief I am not some emotional freak who fell in love with someone over five dates. I was more or less in love with the possibility of being in love and living a fab life.

For all I know the dude might have sucked in bed! Its what I am using to get over my crush!

So to celebrate my new found overness, I have bought the sexiest 5 1/2" heels and a super sexy shoulder baring dress and I am meeting up with my equadorian hottie at Eddie V's tomorrow night.
He may only be a friend but we look so hot together that we are VIP'd wherever we go.

I love my latin hottie and he knows how to treat me like a Princess. Its exactly what I need right now.

I am going to let him devour me with attention for a couple of hours and than tuck myself in bed with a giant smile.

Later in the weekend I am headed to D town for a Superbowl party.

I am back to happy.

I am happy I did not go to New York. I am happy I with my decision to not make friends with dates that failed. A woman needs to value herself and playing the runner up position and dangling on is not only gross but it doesn't make you feel like a winner.

The loser in all of this isn't me!!!

The Blonde doesn't need to collect names!

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