First Date of The Year

Ichiban in Austin isn't the Ichiban in New Orleans but my NOLA dj date was pretty cool except that I think he is a little too fresh out of rehab and divorce for me.

I wish the sushi would have been as fresh.

He also didn't tell me he had a girlfriend in New Orleans until after his phone went off about 7 times. An ex playboy bunny who probably had the sixth sense to know her man was on a date.

Ahhh...you gotta love the date with a frog.

You need them for comparison so you know when a Prince of a man comes along.

I think the little reptile might have been high, too!

So much for rehab.

Its funny, I spent longer to get ready for the date than I actually spent on the date. I would have loved to wash the date down with some saki, while he tried to explain the 'girlfriend' thing, but I don't drink during the week and really just wanted to get home.

I did learn his bunny likes popping pills....

That was a fun little fact.


Back to my french studies and the thought of New Orleans with a better flavor!

The Blonde needs last call!

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