After hearing a news clip that beautifulpeople.com dumped 5,000 profiles from their site due to fat gain from the holidays, I had to check it out. I am fairly certain the story just happened to be a well played out publicity stunt but still...I had to look.

In order to look I had to set up a quick profile with my photo which then gets rated by other members. I did see some fugly but overall it was minimal and I have to say, after comparing it to other internet dating sites, they are a better looking group of hotties.

On most Internet dating sites Texas seems to have some of the scariest, I mean to the point of looking like they were the hillbillies in the movie 'Deliverance' and after seeing more than 5 of these freaks, I get so disgusted I start looking in other states. Kansas has some really cute corn fed hotties but unfortunately they live in Kansas, and well let's just say....ewwww!! But on beautifulpeople.com that torture is cut to a minimum and I enjoyed peaking around even if I am not interested in a single one.

Now, I am not planning on joining anymore Internet dating sites. I really do think the men on these sites are just all broken goods along with many of the women. I rather take my money and join an upscale health club and hit on the cutie running next to me on the treadmill. But I do have to admit, after receiving 6 or 7 interest emails from some of the members and everyone of them happens to be super handsome, I might just have to get my super glue, because some of this broken deserves to be fixed at least for a weekend!

The Blonde is just looking!!!

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