Turkey or Terror?

Umm...turkey please!

It was a rhetorical question and also a trick question.

On Thanksgiving its almost impossible to have a turkey dinner in peace.

The threat of having a happy holiday is sanctioned only with small family troops in arms, ready to blast a bullet of guilt in your ear if you F____ up the dinner in any way.

Can I get a "WAY"!




Holiday perfection comes with an emotional cost. I wish that lucky blast hit me.

Unfortunately, I am still alive and about to drown my dread in eggnog!


I will suffer through turkey death day with flying colors because I have the triple threat eggnog and football to immerse my thoughts.

For the rest of you, find a vice like drugs, alcohol, or rock and roll.

Who cares what the vice is, just find it before the other holiday creeps in and grabs your soul while the turkey tryptophan has you numb.

Why do you think the fat guy is wearing red?

The Devil wears red too!!!

Black Friday is evil and the red suited guy is on the side of the Devil!

He Won't save us!!

He is not our savior!

He is the mascot of capitalistic greed and he dragged Baby Jesus into it!!

Stop the holiday doom!!!

Boycott the Black Friday Bastards and that Red Gluttonous Guy who perpetuates it.

Greed does not deserve a holiday.


Christmas is no longer in the hands of the Lord.

Its a commercialized evil that will segregate those who have from those who have not.

Capitalism is not a socialism.

Its communism with the poor's permission!

The Blonde is ready to fight terrorism in her own country!!!

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