Frogs Don't Have Butts

I was just thinking of my first best friend, Skeevy. My sister said he stuck firecrackers up frogs butts and blew them up. It just occurred to me this very moment that frogs don't have butts!!

And a frog's pooper is way too small to accommodate a firecracker.



I am slow to catch up on things. It wasn't until after my 20th birthday that someone finally explained that a dog in heat did not mean a horny male dog.

Last year I learned that Thanksgiving is not always on the 21st like I thought and that Easter is not the first Sunday in April.



This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Emancipet for fixing the feral and to the family with a fabulous farm like setting that just adopted him.

Now back to studying!

The Blonde is pooped!

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