Delete, Delete, Delete

I am way too sappy these days. I write something on the blog and then I delete it.

I am afraid I am losing my funny, that or I am just becoming incredibly boring.

Boring, on one hand would be great.

Boring would mean I settled down with someone and living a great life and no one wants to hear someone rant about a great life.

Its too boring!!

I am hoping for a little more boring in my life. I actually have been practicing all week. I promised to wait for someone and so I keeping my promise, at least until I realize it was just an easy way of getting rid of me, and although it is causing a severe lack of dating horror stories, it is helping to keep my grades up.

But not to worry my bloggies, I have so many stories, memories, and tidbits of dating information stashed in notebooks and diaries that I could keep this blog up for another two years, while I take a romantic holiday.

Hold on y'all, this is going to be a bumpy ride on memory lane!!

And hey, if this new guy doesn't work out, It will just be back to business for the Blonde!

The Blonde is not looking for new blog entries!!

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