Male Order Catalog

The great thing about internet dating is the turn around time to receive a new guy in an email!!

You just flip through the profiles like you would the pages of a catalog, place your item in the basket by way of a favorite button and voila; you have men in your size and color.

The one I ordered this time is a much better fit than my last order. This one comes with a yacht in Newport Beach, a condo in mid-west Manhattan, dark hair, made in Spain, with french accents. This order comes without fake promises, the too soon 'I love you' but don't mean it routine, and no sob story about some girl who committed suicide because of him.

I have no doubt after wearing the last guy for a bit, he was a very bad fit. Now that he is returned, and I have a new credit on my attitude, I am ordering a replacement.

A quick note on refilling your order for a new guy.

Be careful!!

After your order arrives and its not exactly as promised on the profile, you may feel cheated and discouraged about ordering a new man.

But just remember all of the products we buy that don't deliver what they promise either, like cellulite cream, face lift lotions, and diet pills.

In the end, we learn what does work, what is true, and eventually grow a better consumer and lover because we end up finding satisfaction in the simplest of products.

When ordering a man just remember that less promises is more man.

I personally haven't learned that lesson yet and am in search of the exception to the rule, so just do as I say and not what I do for now.

The Blonde is headed to NY for a fitting!!

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