They Say Its Your Birthday

Happy Birthday to ya!!

Yah! Yah! Yah!

The Blonde is turning one less older today. I have received a plethora of cards from department stores wishing me a happy one and to celebrate my special day, they have included discounts on my purchases.

Little do they know, discounts only work if they include a check for my birthday, like Gramms used to send. I couldn't purchase a fly for bait these days.

I just returned from a glorious time in Napa. It was such a magical place where every day is a celebration of friends and family around a table of fabulous food and wine. I felt like I was in the musical Brigadoon. A place that is hidden away under the early morning fog, only to lift and reveal skies of such blue you can't help but keep your head in the clouds.

But Brigadoon is far from me now and I am back home to live the reality of things in the moment. Like the tax man visiting my home to make sure I am not running a business; having to dig through the want ads for freelance work that actually pays for this months unexpected auto failures; my trade account just hit the negative; and I am another year closer to being old.

I would be thoroughly depressed if it weren't for the fact, I still look great, my weight is not climbing the stairs with my age, I have a cute kanuck wanting to see me again, and I have my family birthday gathering with ice cream cake.

The Blonde is quite happy!!

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