The Present that Broke the Families Back

I swear you have never seen such a site. A grown family yelling at each other over who gets to deal with the dead bird one of the cat's brought into the garage.

Its your cat!

How do I know my cat killed the bird?

Maybe it died of natural causes thus you get the bird!

Boo get the bird!

Why do I have to get the bird?

Because your the male and dead animal extraction is a blue job!

That's sexist and on that basis, I am not getting the bird!

Big Daddy, get the bird, pleeeeze!!!!

I am not getting the bird.

Mother!! you get the bird.

I think its the bat that bit you.

It doesn't have any legs and its wings are funny. It could be the bat.

Fine. You get the bat and put it in a baggie and take it in for an exam.

No. Its a bird. Its your cat and she brought it to you as a birthday gift.

So, you get the bird!!

Boo...get the damn bird!!

I am not getting the f--ing bird!!

Watch your mouth and get the bird for me!!!!!!


I pay for your car, get the damn bird!!!!

I do not pick up dead things!!

I gave you my last bit of cash..GET THE BIRD GAH DAMMIT!!!

No one asked you to give me your last bit of cash!!

Fine, give it back and get the bird!!!


Somebody is getting that bird and its not me!!

Call someone!

You call someone!!!

This isn't funny...get the bird!!

Why couldn't you get the bird?!

Its not my cat!

How do I know it wasn't Gustav, and he is your cat!!

Because he doesn't catch birds. Its your cat that dragged it in.

You have no proof of which cat killed the bird!!!

You blame my cat's on everything!!!!

Maybe the neighbor's cat did it!!

Fine...call a neighbor then!!!

Can we do that?!

You aren't calling anyone.

Someone get the damn bird out before I have to!!!!



Staring at each other still

Gah X@#dam--f#@$XX)ing$&@#mother f---&#@#% FINE!!!!!

I will do it my-f@#$&$#@-ing self!!!!

I extracted the bird and laid it to rest behind the neighbors yard.

After all, the bird should R.I.P. and clearly it can't be done near our home.

Now, no one is talking to anyone and we have all locked our selves in our rooms.

The Blonde is finally at peace!!

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