Heloooo Runner

I have been hitting the trails three times a week to get in shape for the Reserves, which after careful thought and failure to successfully complete a shower in 7 minutes, I have have decided that its in the Armys' best interest not to count on me to be anyone strong enough to fight for more than the last pair of Jimmy Choo's on sale, in my size.

Besides, I have another reason to hit the trails.


Glorious sweatie, shirtless hotties all at my visual disposal. On the weekday, its not very crowded, a few men here and there but I only need a few to make my run worth the trip. The Kanuck is too far for me to keep my attention focused on him all the time, so I am occupying myself with other healthy endeavors.

Besides, I don't think we have committed to anything, although, he is holding my coat hostage until next time we meet, but what if there isn't a next time? I don't know him well enough to trust him with my designer stuff. I don't want to give up a perfectly good Bebe trench coat to whatever girl he brings home after me. If you know women, and I do, they will take other femmes' leftovers claiming it shouldn't have been in the man's place anyway. Its the girls version of peeing on their territory. I hope my coat comes wrapped up in his suitcase but if not, I am comfortable trusting Fedex to deliver it safely.

So until something is solid with Canandia, I guess I am open to check out the Zilker Park candy trails.

One in particular has caught my attention and although I only see him briefly as I pass him by, its all I need to get my flirt on. I passed him on Saturday and we did the eye contact thing. Today we did eye contact with a grin from him. I am waiting to give my grin back next time I see him. I guess I will be disappointed if I don't get to pass on my grin to him but I am certainly not going to play stalker and schedule my run just to do it.

It takes at least 4 runs to bond with a passer by...LOL
Plus, I like to believe in serendipitous moments.

Even if I don't see him, its OK because the running eye candy doesn't have any of my clothes. If that were the case, I would schedule a stalk time to retrieve my designer wears.

The Blonde hates to run out of clothes!!

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