Dear Kellogg's Cereal Promo Dudes

If you are going to put a promotion on the back of your cereal box that makes me have to consume 3 boxes to get the three tokens I need for the prize, than keep the promotion going long enough for me to get the damn prize!!

I was saving up for the Star Trek 1 gig memory bracelet and now that I am one token shy of my 3 tokens, there are no more boxes with the Star Trek tokens left on the grocery shelf at HEB.

I really don't think I should be forced into buying 3 boxes of cereal at the same time to get the tokens.

Do you?

It used be so much more fun as a kid, especially when I was able to consume half a box of Rice Krispies in one sitting and not gain 5lbs to my arse doing it. But I don't play 6 hours a day anymore. Half the day, I am sitting and working and carbs don't burn as quickly when only my fingers are getting a good work out on the keyboard. Its difficult for someone like me, on a low carb diet, to get any sort of cereal prize today.

Kelloggs has the audacity to make the most of their marketing by promoting different cereals with different promotions on the back of the box.

If I want Star Trek, I have to buy Tony the Tiger Frosted Flakes.

If I want the stupid alarm clock with the Kellog's figures on it, and I do, I have to buy Sugar Pops or Cheerios.

Adults can't eat that much sugar and stay thin and Kellog's doesn't put promotions on big kids cereal like Special K, Fiber K, or whatever cardboard flavor cereal they are peddling to adults to stay healthy.

I don't think its fair that kids get all the fun. After all, its the adults who are paying for the frosted cereal treats.

How about putting tokens on the box to send away for botox, lip plumper, or laser treatment.

Women are suckers, including me!!

I will buy two or three boxes at a time for Special K, if the tokens are for a spa treatment.

Hell, put a huge promo up to collect enough tokens for breast implants!!

Dudettes and their boyfriends will gladly eat their away into a thousand boxes of frosty yumminess for a pair of double Ds. And after all that sugar consumption, they will need it to equalize out the size spread of their arse.

Otherwise, just give me enough time to consume my darn 3 boxes of frosted flakes before you take away my chance to get the Star Trek memory bracelet!!!

The Blonde hates playing games that don't win!!

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