Bah, Bah, Black Sheep

Have you any wool or anything that would make the world believe you have something to give?

No sir, no sir...

and now I believe I have little to give.

With each passing of my resume, I have any doubt I have anything to give.

I do not belong here.

I do not belong there.

I do not belong anywhere!!

I am a Dr. Suess tale without the happy ending.

I grab for this.

I grab for that.

I grab for whatever will keep me afloat.

No tree.

No turtle.

No bread buttered on the right or wrong side.

My eggs are green and my ham unbaked.

The Grinch has taken everything!

I am a Dr Suess story without a happy ending.

I am the black sheep.

Nothing for the dame.

Nothing for her little boy.


In the end...

I am the elephant that clings to a little voice of hope!

The Blonde is looking for a shade less darker!!!

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