As Much as I Adore You

I have to put you on hold for just a few days. I am working on articles for Texas Monthly and the New York Times and if I give all my good stuff away on the blog, I won't have a thing to write about.

The hard part is writing the right article to get published.

Wish me luck y'all!!!

If all else fails, I am back to temp work and I hate wearing office clothes, I am way too much a fashionista to wear plain suits and office attire, but I will do it!

Even worse than that I hate the office politics involved. I just read an article in the Statesman about two city managers being sent on leave because they have cost the city $50,000 in mediation to work their differences out.

Of course they are women!!

I wonder if its a hormonal thing?!!

Why can't women get past indifference and work things out nicely?

I want to work with fun and creative fabulousness.

Give me a few days to get back to blogging.

The Blonde is finally wwriting again!!!

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