The Tale of Despereaux

I have wanted to watch this movie for some time.

A swashbuckling mouse that fears nothing. A tiny mouse that thinks he is no less than a giant.

Alas, I was disappointed and enlightened at the same time.

I thought it would be like Shrek but more romantic, more Musketeer, more King Arthur, but it is not.

It isn't about romance at all!

It isn't about swords and swashbuckling.

It is about loss.

It is about blame.

It is about anger.


Above all else, it is about redemption, and forgiveness, and finding a renewed sense of love, and all that is good.

I love fairy tales, fables, and children stories.

In such a world of complex times, these stories teach us the fundamentals of what the world should aspire to be. It reminds us of how we were, before adulthood grasped us by the throat and told us how life is.

Life is what ever you want it to be. It is what ever you dream of. It is about hope and faith and love.

Today, someone jumped to their death from their balcony at the 360 Condos and I wonder?

Had they had a sense of what was worth valuing in life, would they have jumped?

Had they watched Despereaux or King Arthur, that might they had a glimpse of what was truly worth living for?

Did they only think their life was valued by a credit score?

Did they think that no one would love them if they had nothing?

Obama wants change but the Republicans can't afford to allow the democrats to look good, so they thwart his efforts.

Meanwhile, we have creditors that call 9 times a day. I should know because that is how many calls I received and I was only 1 month behind in my payment for a credit card that had only $2k on it.

You can not get blood from a stone, but you can get blood from someone who jumped off their balcony because they were pushed over the edge by creditors.

Had they watched Despereaux or King Arthur, they would not have offered their life for such an unworthy reason.

The Blonde bows only to a noble cause!

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