Leo Horoscope

Lately my horoscope has been dead on. For two days straight it said I need to organize my space to be more productive, as you can see, I do.

Today, my horoscope says:

There is a line up of activities I need to get to, and I will benefit from moving quickly from one to the next.

The cool thing about that is, its fashion week in Austin and I have a schedule of events to attend to promote my bikini line. And since most of the events are back to back from 6-9, I will have to pop in and out of, as many as I can.

Like anyone else worried about their present and future, I grasp onto the universe and want it to tell me what to do because at the moment I have no idea. I am just happy that I can get up every day and keep looking forward. Having my horoscope be in tune with what I am doing somehow makes me feel like I am on the right path and in tough times, its a good thing to know.

The Blonde needs all the guidance she can get!!

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