Fools Rush In

...where chickens fear to tread.

Once upon a time, a young girl went to a psychic who read her hand. On her hand was written many things, but the most important thing was what was written about love on her palm.

The soothsayer said the girl wouldn't find her true love until later in her life. He continued to read the hand that said when she did find this love, he would be the one and that happily ever after would be her fate. He also said the girl would be a successful writer around the same time.

Well, this girl grew up and began to write and dated many men but they never seemed to work out. She was waiting for the one in the palm of her hand.

Last week, she found him. And now she can begin her life with the love she has waited for all this time.

And with a little help with fate, her writing just might be made into a movie.

The Blonde is getting married!!

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