Crazy as a Bat

I have to briefly interrupt my adventures of Canada for a 'Mother' news flash.

I am not a Doctor although my Mother thinks I am. She was bit by something while outside feeding her fish. The bite grew from a spider to a bat mawling her undetected and all she needed to come up with this scenario is her very inventive mind, a television special on bats, and a hair ball one of the cats tossed up on the driveway.

Only my Mother can take a mosquito bite and turn it into an attack of a very quick and stealth bat that can fly into her hair, bite her head, and get out like a bee.

Her little bite now has claw marks and teeth marks and the poison is spreading throughout her body.

She has a stiff neck, pain in her arm, and she thinks the hairball has remnants of chewed up bat wings, a small head, and an undigested claw.

If she is not dead by morning we are sending her to the hospital for diagnosis...

for the bite

and then...

for her mental health.

If we let this bat bite progress to more theory, my cats will end up in kitty jail while my Mother gets rabies shots for the next 3 months.

This reminds me of the time she thought a broken coke bottle and wire sticking out of cement was an attempt by terrorists to blow up our neighborhood entrance.

Don't ask

The Blonde is holding onto her sanity!

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