Capital One Alarm Clock

Capital One sends me wake up calls on my cell phone. Like clockwork, every morning at 9 am I get a gentle reminder I am almost 45 days late on my credit card. As if I need a reminder that I can not pay. It does motivate me to get out of bed every morning and continue my efforts to look for work, continue sewing my bikinis for my online store, apply to community colleges for a quick degree in something, and place ads for my jewelry and jag on craigslist.

I should feel lucky I don't live in London. If your late on credit there, you have three men in bowler caps and black suits follow you around town like the grim reapers of your financial end.

To make matters a little more interesting, Boo had a job detailing boats for the summer but the drought dried up that opportunity. Lake Travis aqua level is dropping at a rate of 2ft a week. All the ramps are closed and the docks have been pushed out as far as they can go which means the lake will be closed to all boaters with in a week. That means, summer jobs will be cut, marinas will close, and local lake eateries will be very chill for the rest of the heat wave.

Soon I will get a snooze alarm from Capital One for Boo's car payment.

Good times!

Good times!

The Blonde is trying to keep her head above the water!!

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