Blind Faith

I am usually the one to fall head first into the depths of hope. A glimmer just above the water will have me rushing to take my clothes off and dive right in, and for that, I usually just end up conking my head at the bottom of the shallow wishing well.

But I am a Blonde and true to nature, no matter how many times I bonk my noggin at the bottom of that pool of hope, I will keep plunging, because if I give up, I know I will never get through to the other side. The side with the greener pasture.

I have my hope restored, for the moment; but as quick as it comes, it can easily be taken away. And for no other reason than that was its only purpose. The purpose to make me believe something better will come out of all of this.

I am so desperate to believe in something that I grasp at nothing. I do it every time. I guess there is something to being a dumb blonde.

Dumb enough to believe that with a little faith, everything will be better.

Time will tell.

Wish me luck.

I am speaking of love again.

Love is my crack and I don't want an intervention. I am going to keep grabbing for that high until I blow my heart out.

The Blonde is blinded by love, again!!

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