I Practiced Twirling

Tonight, like most nights, I sat on the porch thinking of what I really want to get out of life. I had a few pieces of cut bamboo next to me and I picked one up and began to twirl it, thinking how I could use it in one of my bikini designs.

The funny thing is, as I twirled the bamboo, thinking of all the possibilities it had in my designs, I totally forgot that I was twirling it on the tip of my fingers and it began to play like a feather just barely wisping upon the tips of my dancing digits; the moment I was conscious of my actions the bamboo dropped like a stiff stick.

I kept playing with the bamboo and my thoughts, and I learned, the more I concentrated on things in my head, the more the bamboo stick would dance, barely touching; floating and twirling right above my finger tips as if it were a surreal action portraying my life at that one moment.

Everything I have ever wanted was always a finger tip away and every time I thought it was in my grasp, the dream fell away.

I had an epiphany:

Until I focus on what I really want, that bamboo stick will always fall!

The Blonde is finding her balance!!

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