Eveything Gets Better With Time

Everything is falling apart these days from my left turning car, to my keyboard missing the 'c' key, to losing my domain; but I am adapting well.

I went to visit my storage unit last week and when I opened the large metal door to expose the contents of stacked boxes, antiques and furniture; the scent of my old house wafted through the air and I felt a bit of nostalgia warming up my soul.

I think of all the people who have lost their homes to devastating floods, hurricanes and fire and I realize how lucky I am to still possess the very essence of my life stacked safely away in a 10 by 20 with not an inch to spare for even the tiniest of Tiffany boxes.

We have all lost something in this economy, but we shouldn't lose our hope that eventually everything does get better. It may take longer than expected, but we can't let that bring us down.

I am plugging away at my newest endeavor, Burlap Bikini-Eco friendly swimwear and cover ups made from recycled materials and remnants that would otherwise be discarded, sort of like a blonde that lives at home.

Hopefully something will come of it but if not, I no longer sweat the small stuff and neither should you. Meanwhile I have margaritas and the hope that my cats will be able to work a sewing machine when the orders start coming in.

Blondes don't lose sight of the big picture!!

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