Bugging PETA

Since el President did a smack down on a fly during a speech at the white house, and it found its way onto Youtube, PETA is sending a letter in respect to killing the fly more humanely.

I personally don't care how a bug is killed, just as long as someone else does it and I don't have to hear it, or see it.

Last night, I sat up in bed watching Bravo TV and a water roach crawled up on my bed and around my leg!!!

Needless, to say I did not get to sleep the entire night. I left my light on and when I heard a bug sound I would jump 3 feet out of bed.

Considering where I live, a bug should not be anywhere near the inside of the house. The house I owned, downtown in a groovy little neighborhood by the university, was a 1930 bungalow and I
always had a problem with the water roach that seeks out refuge inside the vintage cottages, before the summer heat arrived The antiquity of the homes made it very inviting for many of Mother Nature's creatures to earn squatting rights if you were a raccoon, squirrel, or bug. Now that I have upgraded my digs to the hills and sleep in a mcmansion, I should be protected from such invaders.

We have gates on our community for just this reason!

We don't like uninvited guests.

When they fly, it will scare the bigeebees out of me. I dart and run in panic, as if being sprayed with bullets. These 2" terroists have armor while I go unprotected.

I know PETA wants us to be humane but they have no idea the mental anguish I go through when they taunt me in the dark.

I say water board the little buggers.

The Blonde can not be friend to all creatures!!

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