Watching Ants Mate

Its Saturday night and I spent 10 minutes staring at two bugs. I couldn't figure out if it was a spider that ate too big a mouthful and couldn't swallow or if it was two ants doing the mamba as foreplay while trying to catch a wiff of my expenisve smoke before finishing their dirty deed.

If it were the latter they are going to have to find a new smoking porch because after paying $11 for my Nat Shermans, Uncle Sam is forcing me to quit smoking. I don't like Uncle Sam, the only time I ever hear from him is when he needs money. I can't keep enabling him. He obviously has a gambling problem and expects me to pick up some of the tab and I just have to say no.

I think Uncle Sam could use an intervention. I think we should all sit him down with a counselor and read our letters of why we refuse to help him unless he helps himself.

The Blonde enables her right to quit!!

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