Slumdog Millionaire

I am not going to reflect on the movie but rather my experience watching the film. I have been waiting for it to come from netflix for over a month. When I finally got it in the mail, I was excited and wanted to watch it on the big screen in the living room without interruption, so I waited for my parents to hit rehab and then I got my diet coke, a bowl of popcorn and I popped the movie in the dvd player.

Unfortunately for me, my parents didn't go shopping or head out to lunch afterward and came home early, in the middle of my flick.

This is how you watch a movie when my Mother is around.

"What are you watching?"

"Slumdog, Mom"

"Oh, I heard about this movie, what is happening now?"

Its half way through Mom, you can watch it later."

"Oh, ok"

She leaves and a few minutes comes back.

"What are they doing to the boy?"

"They get more money for a blind beggar boy."

"Oh, oh, no...I can't watch this...I am leaving."

"Good, you messing up my movie anyway."

"Fine, I am leaving...What are they doing now?"

"Mom, do you mind?"

"Oh, oh of course, I will be quiet.
Why is the he being interogated?
Why is he on a game show?
How does it end?""

"I don't know Mother, I haven't seen it before. YOU CAN WATCH IT LATER. JUST BE QUIET"

"Well, you don't have to get rude about it. I am going"

"GOOD, GO!!"

"Is that his brother?"


After finally getting her out, I watched what was left of Slumdog. I can only tell you half of the film since I was dealing with my Mother, the blonde wonder blunder, for the other half.

The Blonde has her own game show!

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